The flowers of manzanillo and gordal olives.

The flowers of manzanillo and gordal olives are small and regular symmetry. The calyx, formed by the sepals, is a small tube in the form of greenish-white campaign. The olive flower has four white petals attached to its base.

They tend to reach its prominence in the month of may, but they begin to open in mid-April. Much of Seville flower is called Eskimo as a result of relate the innoculous or out of the olive tree. In other areas it also receives the name of plot. When olive produces many flower, is said to have much Eskimo.

The Eskimo contains large amounts of pollen.

When flowers are pollinated said that the Eskimo has curdled. A few days later flowers throw the petals and are responsible for a nice change in the landscape of olive trees, where floors are stained white giving the soil a characteristic color. Then, if we approached the tree, you can see the small green fruits, small heads of pins that will say some, and farmers are happy to see their future harvest. If different circumstances the olive tree lost flower until set, it is said that the Eskimo has been run. Different climatic factors, such as heavy rains or winds, often contribute to this.

The productivity of olive trees is highly conditioned by the availability of water and its sensitivity to the cold. Although it can withstand temperatures below 0 ° C, Seville farmers fear much Frost that often occur in spring, with fruit being born, freezing temperatures are reached at night. The gordal is especially sensitive to these Frost and the cold or warm air. If the Eskimo is opening up and coming air of solano (from East), almost 40% of the crop may be lost. It is a very dry air that dries the Eskimo.

Source: Traditional knowledge in the Seville olive grove. Ethnography of the Manzanilla olive and Gordal de Sevilla.