The history of APAS began in last September of 2013, when a group of cooperatives and of the province of Seville table olive sector entities began to work on the Constitution of this Association for the promotion of Sevillian olives from the varieties of Chamomile and Gordal (APAS). The objective of this partnership is the promote a designation of quality to protect and add value to the two traditional varieties of table olives of greater importance in the province of Seville: Chamomile and the gordal. It is the creation of a PGI (protected geographical indication), which serve all consumers to recognize the best Seville olives. Many are cooperatives and companies that already are part of this project, which has managed to gather to date those responsible for one third of the production of these two varieties. Your value proposition with other varieties on the market is the differentiation through quality and tradition associated with these varieties.

Since the journey began many people have been approaching the project, which has grown as a team, economic capital and human capital.

APAS strength lies in its ability to believe in a different future for the table olive Sevillian Chamomile and gordal, a future characterized by a recognition of these varieties and its links our land, its traditions and the quality of the products we can offer.

In the spirit of overcoming holds the identity of Sevillian and Andalusian, fighter, cooperative, wise and traditional, but always open to innovations.

After starting the project, managers of the project of patrimonialization of Chamomile and gordal, Sevillian olives through the IGP, got in touch with each of the cooperatives that comprise the Association explaining the mission that had this partnership all the cooperatives and farmers, namely: establish and consolidate a Council regulator of the PGI olive Sevillian promote actions to put in value the traditional manifestations related to Chamomile and gordal olives, documenting the organoleptic qualities of these olives, develop a communication strategy that will help everyone know these olives and place in value, and get support to develop these activities.

In each of the cooperatives in which arose the project acceptance was unanimous, the farmers were delighted with the possibilities that arose and were reflected in the recognition of the traditional activities that have developed over generations. APAS commitment is clear, develop and implement a sustainable model, social and human quality that make patents creativity and emotions transmitted our land when we work. A collective work, companionship, in which not only product is a Queen, or manzanilla olives are the feelings of hundreds of people who strive every day so that the result of their work is a product of the highest quality.

So are the Seville Chamomile and gordal olives. So APAS.