The Association


The Association for the Promotion of Manzanilla and Gordal varieties of Sevillian Olives (APAS) is a non-profit organisation established on March 18, 2014. It is governed by state and Andalusian association laws and by its own statutes and agreements validly accepted by its governing bodies. Its activity is decided under the agreed guidelines in the General Assembly, implemented by the Board and overseen by its management. The ordinary members play an active part in the Association and the official sponsors support its activities.

APAS’s objectives are the promotion of Manzanilla and Gordal varieties of Sevillian olives through actions such as research, technological development, training, and legal protection of the olive itself through the acknowledgement of its quality ensured by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). For this, the development of a communication strategy is essential for cohesion of speech within the organisation and the creation of external momentum.

APAS believes in a different future for the Sevillian olive

The Association for the Promotion of Manzanilla and Gordal varieties of Sevillian Olives


The aspiration of APAS is to be the vehicle of its sponsors’ spirit of transformation to build a better future for the Sevillian olive.


The functions of APAS are:
  • To set-up and consolidate the Ruling Council of the PGI Sevillian Olive.
  • To promote and implement concrete actions for the promotion of, and to place value on, the Manzanilla and Gordal Sevillian olive with reference to its quality and tradition.
  • To document and to place value on the traditional socio-cultural expressions linked to Manzanilla and Gordal olives.
  • To document and to place value on the organoleptic qualities of these olives.
  • To conduct an efficient and creative communication strategy to achieve these goals.
  • To implement training and information activities for its members.


APAS fundamenta su trabajo en el compromiso social y la sostenibilidad, así como la transparencia y el trabajo colaborativo.

Las emociones y la creatividad inspiran nuestra forma de hacer las cosas.

Structure of APAS

  • Cooperativa Virgen de Loreto.
  • Cooperativa Agrícola Virgen de Belén (COBELEN).
  • Manzanilla Olive, SCA 2º Grado: Agrícola Carmonense, Labradores de la Campiña, Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Olivarera La Campana, Agrícola San José, Ntra. Sra. Las Virtudes, Mairena Agrícola, San Antón, SAT Aceituna del Verdeo.
  • Cooperativa Ntro. Padre Jesús de la Cañada.
  • SAT 2080 Aceitunas Escamilla.
  • El Rocío SCA.
  • Cooperativa Agrícola Industrial de El Viso del Alcor (CAIVA).
  • Olivaida S.L.
  • Ecolivum Xtra S.L.
  • Agromairena S.A.

  • GDR Serranía Suroeste Sevillana.
  • GDR Bajo Guadalquivir (ADELQUIVIR).
  • GDR Aljarafe-Doñana (ADAD).
  • Fundación para el Fomento y la Promoción de la Aceituna de Mesa.
  • Organización de Productores de Aceite de Oliva y Aceitunas de Mesa (OPRACOL Sevilla).
  • ASAJA-Sevilla.
  • COAG-Sevilla.
  • Asociación Provincial de Cooperativas Agrarias de Sevilla (FAECA).
  • UPA Sevilla
  • President. Manzanilla Olive SCA – Manuel Guillén Jiménez.
  • Vice-president. Cooperativa Agricola Vírgen de Belen SCA – José Hernández Barragán.
  • Secretary. Cooperativa Agrícola Virgen de Loreto, SCA – Juan Luís Oropesa de Cáceres.
  • Treasury. Cooperativa Agrícola Industrial de El Viso del Alcor – Antonio Manuel León Franco.
  • Chair 1 Processors. Cooperativa Agropecuaria Jesús de la Cañada SCA – Charo Fajardo Aguilar.
  • Chair 1 Producers. El Rocío SCA. Ignacio Fernández-Figueroa Moreno.
  • Chair 3 Packagers. SAT 2080 Aceitunas Escamilla. Antonio Escamilla Prieto.
  • Management. José Antonio Cruz Mejías.
  • Verdeo u ordeño
  • Logotipo aplicado APAS
  • Material corporativo APAS
  • Material corporativo APAS
  • Folleto corporativo APAS
  • Folleto corporativo APAS

Corporative Image


The development and design of the APAS corporate image has been a challenge from the beginning as we wished to communicate the union of two different realities, tradition and modernity, that gave meaning to this project. To recover the values of a sector with a great history, the sector of the table olive, that aims for a modern and updated vision balancing aesthetic and communicative criteria.

The current context where we generate and give meaning to the information demands precision as well as simplification. The presence of two elements was clear: the natural dimension and the human dimension. In the design of the corporate image, the olive and the land (through its shapes and colours), and the people portrayed the association and its acronym APAS.


To transmit the union of the two different realities, tradition and modernity, that give meaning to this project.