The Sevillian Manzanilla

Know its characteristics:

The Olea europaea pomiformis, better known as Sevillian Manzanilla, is perhaps the variety of olive that, cultivated in the Guadalquivir basin, has been developed with the best aesthetic characteristics, flavour and texture. The organoleptic properties of this variety are broad and favourable; numerous existing studies verify the splendid adaptation of this variety.

The IOC (International Olive Council) prizes the excellent qualities of the Sevillian Manzanilla olive, highlighting its good size and the appropriate shape, together with the harmonious relationship between flesh and pit.

The Sevillian Manzanilla, once boiled and fermented, becomes a straw yellow colour. Everyone appreciates its soft and delicate flavour. Once in the mouth, it is not as soft as other olives such as carrasqueña, and its texture is smooth and firm. Its noteworthy proportion ensures that the pit is deep within the flesh and is easily removed. Its fibre content is low, unlike the hojiblanca. Its oil content is moderate and doesn’t reach the high levels as in the verdial. The balance between oils, fibres and the size of the pit makes this olive the favourite for many to consume at the table.

Agronomic data

Size Medium 5
Shape Rounded 3
Colour Sky green
Visibility of the lenticels Weak 3
Symmetry in position A Symmetric 1
Symmetry in position B Symmetric 1
Position of the maximum diameter Central 2
Shape of the tip in position A Rounded 2
Shape of the tip in position B Rounded 2
Mucro Missing 1
Position of the scar left by the stigma Central 1
Shape of the base in position A Truncated 2
Shape of the base in position B Truncated 2
Width of the stem cavity Wide 7
Shape of the stem cavity Circular 1
Depth of the stem cavity Deep 7
Form of the section Circular 1
Weight 4,6 gr/unit approx.