The Sevillian Gordal or Queen Olive

Know its characteristics:

The Olea europaea regalis, better known as the Sevillian Gordal olive, is a variety restricted to Seville, as it is difficult to cultivate and produce quality Gordal olives in other areas. It is the biggest variety of olive by a large margin. Its’ bite is easily differentiated by the amount of flesh in a single fruit.

The Sevillian Gordal, once boiled and fermented, becomes a straw yellow colour —like the Sevillian Manzanilla—, with little white spots or lenticels that stand out among other olives. Its shape is not symmetric like the Manzanilla, but is heart-shaped.

Its taste is peculiar: as many people say, Gordal olives taste of Gordal. They are unique in this. Of such a big size one is satisfied with the bite of a single fruit. Its pit is also proportionally bigger than other olives and more difficult to remove. Its texture is also more fibrous. Its soft flesh requires the master cook to pay special attention when cooking the olive. They have very low oil content, and they are olives with soft flavours.

Agronomic data

Size Really big 9
Shape Elongated 2
Colour Sky green
Visibility of the lenticel Medium 5
Symmetry in position A Not so asymmetric 2
Symmetry in position B Not so asymmetric 2
Position of the maximum diameter Closed to the base 1
Shape of the tip in position A Dotted 1
Shape of the tip in position B Rounded 2
Mucro Visible 9
Position of the scar left by the stigma Central 1
Shape of the base in position A Rounded 1
Shape of the base in position B Sunken 3
Width of the stem cavity Medium 5
Shape of the stem cavity Elliptical 2
Depth of the stem cavity Deep 7
Form of the section Elliptical 2
Weigh 16,5 gr/unit approx.