The Association for the promotion of olives Sevillanas varieties of Chamomile and Gordal (APAS) was created on March 14, 2014. Just a couple of months later presented before its Assembly work or Action Plan for the years 2014-2015. A biannual project which included research as a key strategy of this important project in manzanilla olives and Gordal value through a quality, the protected geographical indication (PGI), figure to be able to subsequently be used by future regulatory Council on its activities for the promotion and protection.

A Research Plan that lays the foundations of the communication of the future regulatory board.

The Association is a Research Plan which should develop in parallel to the procedure before the Ministry of agriculture, fisheries and development Rural of the Board of Andalusia from the IGP olive Manzanilla Sevillana and the IGP olive Gordal Sevillana.

Despite initial difficulties in its implementation, this research Plan has been able to be performed thanks to the support of the H.e. Diputación Provincial de Sevilla and six of the eight groups of Rural Development (GDR) of Seville province, dependent on the Ministry of agriculture, fisheries and Rural development institutions, which have made it possible that the different research projects could continue through the joint cooperation of the law, actions financed by the EAFRD European Fund and the Junta de Andalucía and coordinated by the GDR Sierra Southwest Sevillana Marchena-based actions. These actions have had an overall budget of close to €100,000.

The various studies carried out revolve around the two variables that most identify to Sevillian olives from the varieties of Chamomile and Gordal, qualities to value through an adequate and continuous communication Plan: quality and tradition. Thus, it was necessary to research on agronomic and organoleptic, physical elements, and the social and cultural manifestations that make our Seville olives to be recognized as a quality product and traditional linked to a source very concrete, the province of Seville.

The following table shows the different research projects carried out:

QUALITY 1. Physico-chemical and organoleptic characterization of olive Chamomile and Gordal de Sevilla.
2. Selection of specific multifunctional lactic acid bacteria from olives crops Chamomile and Gordal of Seville.
3. Morphological characterization of the olive tree and the Manzanilla olive and Gordal de Sevilla (agronomic study).
TRADITION 4. Social and cultural manifestations around the chamomile and Seville (ethnographic study) of Gordal olives.
5. Recovery and enhancement of the traditional seasonings of the Morona Manzanilla olive.

In addition, different participatory workshops with different local groups have been conducted in different municipalities of the province of Seville to learn more about other aspects such as tastes, habits, moments of consumption of olive, criteria of purchase, etc.

laboratorio_aceituna morona     alino_morona     cata_morona

A final day where the results of the different projects will be showcased will be held in the upcoming dates.