What do we do?

In APAS, what is most important is not what we represent, but what we achieve by the things we do every day.

Our objective is that you know Manzanilla and Gordal olives better every day, so you can discern their quality with greater precision and you benefit from this knowledge to savour the tastiest tapas of our land: good Sevillian olives.

In addition we want to encourage you to delve into the world of the olive, to know step by step the people who work in the production of the Sevillian Manzanilla and Gordal olives. We want you to put a face, and a smile, to them. We want you to know what activities they develop so you can enjoy the Sevillian Manzanilla and Gordal olives every day at home and in the street.

We are also interested in what people think about the olives, from those who are connected to the field —farmer, labourers, cooperative members, packers, managers, etc.—, to consumers —children, students, the clients of a bar, etc. This constitutes an important line of investigation in the projects of our association.

For that, we have developed projects that close the olive and its properties to all interested parties, and we investigate how those, who work with olives every day, live. We also look at how to identify the particular properties of an olive of quality, and to recognise these in the stamps and labels that help you to find them.

What do we do? We do all this, and much more. Have a look at our projects:

These are our figures

0Mill. Kgs.
Production of Manzanilla Olive in Spain for the campaign 2014/2015
0Mill. Kgs.
Production of the APAS members for the campaign 2014/2015
Production of Manzanilla Olive in Seville in oppose to the total production in Spain
Production of Gordal Olive in Seville in oppose to the total production in Spain