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1804 / 2016

The flower of the olive tree.

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The flowers of manzanillo and gordal olives.
The flowers of manzanillo and gordal olives are small and regular symmetry. The calyx, formed by the sepals, is […]

1102 / 2016

The hunting and ecological value of the traditional olive grove

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Ecological relationships of olive groves with their environment will be very driven to managements that farmers of their soil and their trees. The landscape of […]

0212 / 2015

Prepare olives. The Sevillian style.

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We could say that a village kitchen is like your language: is a form of universal human activity since no society lives without it, but […]

1011 / 2015

Ethnography of the olive grove

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Some historical notes.
The great civilizations of antiquity such as Egyptians, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs traded and spread the cultivation of the olive tree and its […]

1310 / 2015

The Manzanilla olives IGP and Gordal de Sevilla. A research-based project

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The Association for the promotion of olives Sevillanas varieties of Chamomile and Gordal (APAS) was created on March 14, 2014. Just a couple of months […]

2707 / 2015

Vision of the future. Commitment to consumer warranty

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The initiative of APAS is articulated with a vision that aims to highlight the quality and tradition of the olives, Manzanilla and Gordal developed by […]

2505 / 2015

Seville, where olives come

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Speaking of Seville is to speak of many things from many points of view: historical, natural, cultural, geographical, etc.

Sevilla is their capital on the river […]

0804 / 2015

The Sevillian olives. Quality and tradition.

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From the economic point of view, agriculture continues to be a fundamental pillar for the development of the agri-food sector in Seville and Andalusia, and […]

0902 / 2015

The corporate image of APAS: a symbol of tradition and modernity

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The development and design of the corporate image of the Association for the promotion of the Sevillian olives has been a challenge since the beginning. […]

2601 / 2015

The Constitution of APAS. Hopes and motives of a value proposition

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The history of APAS began in last September of 2013, when a group of cooperatives and of the province of Seville table olive sector entities […]