Prepare olives. The Sevillian style.

02 December, 2015|0 Comments

We could say that a village kitchen is like your language: is a form of universal human activity since no society lives without it, but is different in each place. Manzanilla Sevillana olives or Gordal […]

The Manzanilla olives IGP and Gordal de Sevilla. A research-based project

13 October, 2015|0 Comments

The Association for the promotion of olives Sevillanas varieties of Chamomile and Gordal (APAS) was created on March 14, 2014. Just a couple of months later presented before its Assembly work or Action Plan for […]

Vision of the future. Commitment to consumer warranty

27 July, 2015|0 Comments

The initiative of APAS is articulated with a vision that aims to highlight the quality and tradition of the olives, Manzanilla and Gordal developed by its partners. This philosophy reveals the human and ethnological value […]

The birth of APAS

Quality, tradition, shared history and social commitment.

APAS was born of the spirit of transformation by the main social agents in the table olive sector —producers, public and private entities, and agrarian organisations— that believe in a different future for the Sevillian olive.

APAS promotes the creation of the PGI Manzanilla from Seville y PGI Gordal from Seville through collaborative effort with the aim of promoting and giving value to the Manzanilla and Queen Olive varieties of Sevillian olive with reference to its quality and tradition.

APAS’s strategy is to take action to investigate and document the different agronomic, economic and social aspects of these olives; to communicate to society the distinctive values linked to them, particularly their quality, tradition and social commitment; to start the Ruling Council of the PGI Sevillian Olive; to promote information and training activities for its members; and to develop these activities in a participative and transparent way.



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